Lab Schedule and Downloads


NOTE: You are responsible for printing your own lab manual before the start of each lab session! Read the detailed instructions for your labs here:





The tentative schedule below may be subject to changes at the discretion of your instructors.


Jan. 5th-6th: Introduction to Astronomy

Jan. 7th-8th: Stellarium Lab

Jan. 12th-13th: Moons of Jupiter


Math Review Packet is Due! Read also accompanying Black Hole article.


Jan.14th-15th: Mass/Radius of Earth

Jan. 19th-20th: No Labs (MLK Jr Day)

Jan. 21st-22nd: Spectra

Jan. 26th-27th: Parallax

Jan. 28th-29th: Solar Rotation

Feb. 2nd-3rd: Hubble Redshift

Feb. 4th-5th: Inventing Life Forms